Day date with the fam bam

Most of these photos feature my beautiful sister Kayla, she has an awesome fashion account on IG @thepursuitapparel

Most of these photos feature my beautiful sister Kayla, she has an awesome fashion account on IG @thepursuitapparel

On the road into the city. We stayed at an airbnb that was closer to where our sisters house is, and was about 25 min out from the city.

We decided to checkout the underground city tour. It had some interesting history, and the guide was really funny, but I wouldn’t recommend it to a friend. I feel like there are a few other things in Seattle that could be more fun.

Beecher’s had to be THE best mac n cheese I have ever had.  Looking at it now, I am craving it!!

Beecher’s had to be THE best mac n cheese I have ever had. Looking at it now, I am craving it!!

but this is my fav photo ever haha kayla

but this is my fav photo ever haha kayla



Reese's 1st Birthday!

P E O N I E S & P E D A L S

Rompers and tiaras….my favorite lounging outfit!!! I think Reese would agree!

Rompers and tiaras….my favorite lounging outfit!!! I think Reese would agree!

Family is everything! Love them in their Christmas best!

For this birthday session, mama and I decided to go with Christmas cookies instead of a smash cake since her birthday is so close to the holidays, and plus it’s SO cute! Reese loved them! I recommend feeling out your baby ahead of time because sometimes a whole cake can be overwhelming! Maybe practice with a cupcake at home and see how they react before their session!

Sitting and standing all by herself, such a big girl now!

Can we say doll face or what!?

Can we say doll face or what!?

Birthday Suit

First Birthday Bath Time!

Bath time is hands down my favorite thing I offer. It’s so fun to see my one year olds open up to what is usually a really fun experience! Water is so familiar to them, and I love watching their personality bloom before my eyes!


Scarlet turns three! (fwee)

Scarlet turns three! (fwee)

Butterfly, butterfly, where are you? 

Butterfly, butterfly, where are you? 

I have been convincing this sweet little girl to smile ever since she was three months old, and she continually told me no! Whether that was with a scream, cry, or the actual words no photos, but we always pushed through the photoshoot.  I think three years later we learned how to play by her rules, or so she thinks, because I still got to chase her around with my camera ;) . 

This sweetheart touches my heart, when she says "tank you gewica" it is so cute how she says my name better than some adults! 

Renee & Evander


Tea time with the Bride-to-be! 

The best way to create an unforgettable event, is to add your own personal touch!  Set up ways for your guests to share stories with the bride to keepsake forever! 

Christian's 1st Birthday Shoot

Christian's 1st Birthday Shoot

Look who's ONE! 

Baby Love

Baby Love

Mama and Me

Mama and Me

Year 1...

You gave endless kisses, laughs, cries, love, and endless joy to your parents. Christian, you may have enjoyed your cake, and your parents get to enjoy you, but the world gets to enjoy your photos!

xoxo Angel 

Traverse City


Silver Lake Sand Dunes 

It was our fist time ever four wheeling, and I would 10/10 recommend for anyone to do it at least once even if it isn't their specialty.  We were pretty much chickens most of the time avoiding the big hills, but the adventure was still such a big rush for us newcomers.  I want to go back and try a different vehicle on the dunes, but the "Quads" were a good starting vehicle for us. 

As much as I would recommend going to the dunes, I would NOT rent from Parrots Landing again. They were extremely rude and degrading to us.  I had never experienced such disrespect to a paying customer.  I would go back to Silver Lake Sand Dunes, but rent from a different place. 



DAY 2 

Beach/Pool Day 

We had so much fun rejuvenating in the sun, and getting our tan on.  With sunscreen of course! We probably saw two people at any given time of the day, which was amazing because we got to have peace and quiet to relax and have fun in the sun.  

Our stay was at a beautiful Airbnb condo!  It was a two second walk to the beach and pool area, so that was an insane convenience.  We were able to walk back at any time to grab water or food, without having to worry about packing for the beach at all.  And not to mention the view from the back porch was perfection.  The location was perfect with it being right on the water, and only a 10 minute drive to the downtown area where everythign was popping, and where we would grab dinner.  

Link to Airbnb condo :

DAY 3 

City Day

We checked out of our condo, and headed on to our adventure in down town Traverse City. 



But first we did a wine tasting at the Chateau Chantal.  Driving up to into the Peninsula we had magnificent views or the water, and layers upon layers of beautiful vineyards.  It was so soothing.

We spent the rest of the day exploring each store in the downtown area.  It was fun walking around, grabbing coffee and treats.  We were happy we didn't get poured on, so it still made for a beautiful summer day.   


Wilson Antiques

We walked into this antique shop for fun, and also those shops always call my name.  I noticed some rings in the display, and thought a few of them were beautiful. Including this one that looked similar in shape and size to the ring Meghan Markle wore in her second outfit at the royal wedding.  We pointed that out to the lovely lady that worked there, and we were having fun trying on these different rings that made us feel like princesses.  I went on to tell her oh well not everyone can be a princess.  Then an amazing thing happened... She says you know... God says that we are daughters of the King therefor we are all His princesses.  Cue the tears...even though I knew that already,  hearing a complete stranger say it to us was so beautiful.  And it was a blast trying the rings on with her.  One day I will go back when I can afford one of those! 



was a success. Thank you for joining our journey.  

xoxo Angel


Angel Rijina Photography// BLOG

Funny Face x Red Alert

Where Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face and 2018 fashion trends meet.


Model | @Jade.Bashor

Makeup Artist | @GlambyRena

Stylist | @ThePursuitApparel

Getting Ready

Bridal Makeup and Hair

Makeup by @SandyM_MUA  Hair by @Ban_Bolis2

Makeup by @SandyM_MUA

Hair by @Ban_Bolis2

One of my mottos to live by is that if you look good you feel good.  On your wedding day make sure you choose people you trust to get you glammed up for the most important, and photographed day of your life! 

This bride took it one step further...and I was IN LOVE! Chantal's get ready outfit was a long beautiful white dress with long sleeves, and a train! I would recommend to get ready in an outfit that makes you feel like a bride whether its a bridal robe or an all white outfit that matches your veil! 

Lots of love and laughs very early in the AM

Lots of love and laughs very early in the AM


Timeless veil as the perfect touch 

Timeless veil as the perfect touch 

Vincent and Katherine | Proposal

How he did it? Vincent surprised her while she thought she was taking her sister onto a modeling shoot in Birmingham.  They were walking by when she was led into the hallway to Cafe Via.  Katherine was greeted by her soon to be Fiancee, and he led her down the isle that was adorned by many red rose petals. As her eyes shed tears of happiness, we could all feel her surprise! 


Forever & Always

Our Story 

Vincent and Katherine saw each other for the first time years ago at a mutual friends party. They just exchanged conversation that day and didn't see each other again.  Katherine must have stayed on Vincent's mind because a couple years later he reached out to her and asked her on a date, the rest is history! They created many fun memories and grew together as one.  Naturally their love brought them to become best friends and now soulmates. 

Click to view proposal video!

You can just see the magic between them and I surely felt it while shooting! 

Family Photos with Elegance

Elegance on another level!

This sweet little family was a joy to shoot as usual! We went for a classic look from head to toe to location. All topped off with sleek sleeves, and three bow ties! 

Family Photo Tips

1. Choose a theme, and stick to it! Try choosing a color that can be woven throughout everyones look. Outfits make a big difference in how you feel about yourself, your family, and then eventually the photos. Be sure to try on the clothes ahead of time.

2. Consider your kids ages! Each family is a little bit different, with different, ages, genders, and amount of kids. Think about this while deciding the type of session you want, and what location. No one knows your kids better than you. For example, a newborn or young child would not do very well in the featured photoshoot below. The little stud muffins below are old enough to understand, but still young enough to throw a fit, so we were well prepared with the candy hiding in my pocket (winky face emoji)! 

3. Glam! Getting your hair and makeup done makes a big difference in how you feel, and it shows in the photos. Always look your best for the photos being taken. Everyone loves to get pampered every once in a while! 

  • Kids Outfits - @zeegbaby
  • Hair - @eyepaintbeauty
  • Makeup - @glambyrena
  • Dress - @thefabricboutique

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1st Birthday! 

Man, it has really been a while since I uploaded a blog post, but here I am trying to keep up with it again! I've been so busy constantly editing, shooting, and stopping at the post office. Thats summer for you! I love it, BUT I now have so many pretty little babies, families, and couples to share, that have been hiding in my computer! SO, something about this session just made me really want to share it! I hope you enjoy! I shot this cutie when she was a newborn, and it is just amazing to see how much she's grown, and how even more beautiful her and her sister got! 

Alex and Natalia


Alex proposed to his wonderful girlfriend, now fiance at the retreat center that they met at. They have gone there various weeks in a row to talk, and pray in adoration. Naturally Natalia didn't expect anything out of the ordinary that day. To her surprise Alex got on his knee and asked her to marry him, with her loved ones cheering them on. Every perfect scenario comes with a complication, and that makes their proposal even more special. Watch the video below to see their love story unfold, with an unexpected twist. 

Party Time! 

Surprise Glam

Let me start off by saying this was a crazy and fun day! Not everything went as smoothly as planned, but it all worked out perfectly and we reached our goal!

If you ever want to learn how to pull off a surprise birthday follow these steps!

1. Have an awesome family willing to set this all up

2. Know a great makeup artist

3. Have a photographer best friend that can do a fake photoshoot

4. Convince the Birthday Girl that you have an assignment that she HAS to model for, or else you'll fail. (an offer she cannot refuse) And make sure ahead of time that she doesn't have to work that day. 

5. Have your birthday elves set up fun birthday decorations while she's at the photoshoot!

If you follow all of these steps the result will be...

A beautiful girl will be convinced she's getting GLAMED UP, complete with makeup, hair, and outfits, all for a photoshoot! Not suspecting a thing! 

The fake photoshoot had to happen to make everything more convincing, and I wanted to share the photos with you guys! Please enjoy!

Family Maternity Photos

I was in love with this photoshoot while we were shooting. I got one of those feelings where I felt so full of love and light! I just had to share all of the images, and maybe some of you guys could experience some of the feelings I had! 

Chicago, Labor Day Weekend

Me, myself, and I needed a break. Taking a weekend break was definitely worth it. The weather was amazing downtown and it was the perfect way to end the summer. Back to school on Tuesday, but now I’m ready.

I brought along one of my cameras and a 50mm lens, attempting to make it easier to carry around and still get fun shots. Im sure a lot of photographers can relate with the fact that it can get annoying lugging a bunch of equipment around. My camera is basically my life, and I couldn’t part with it for a whole weekend, but I did want to make it easier to travel with.  I did my best with a prime lens and had fun with it! We have our architecture shots, random shots, and annoying tourist shots, but we HAD to do it…sorry..not sorry.