Bitter Sweet Last Day

We stayed in L.A. from Mon-Wed, and midday Wednesday we were on our way home!  It was such a short trip, but truly so fulfilling. We made the best of our time, and I was really happy to go home.  Its true when they say home is where the heart is, because we were both aching to see our families.  It was paradise in California, but I would never trade PURE MICHIGAN for all of that. Some might say I’m crazy but what can I say, I love Michigan.  

Our last day was really short because we had to head down to the airport in time for our plane. Which we almost missed…but we made it, and with time to spare to grab some food! 

Rewind a little bit. We went to Naimie’sin the morning and spent our life savings…maybe not, but close! I loved being able to see all of the brands in person that I usually have to view online.  Then we had a goose chase across Hollywood trying to find somewhere quick to eat on our way to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. So now I can say I saw Hollywood, even though it was nothing special compared to what I thought! I saw Marilyn Monroe’s Star on my way into Mcdonalds. What more could I want? The LACMA was closed but we went around it and saw the lights. We took photos there then headed on our mission to the airport! 

Now all of the craziness from the trip is over! I created a video compilation of whatever footage I had. Honestly I’m not a pro at handling the GoPro, and half the time it was dead but I still got something! Ill get better at “Vlogging” one day. So go ahead and watch the short video! Please Enjoy! 



She said "JUMP!" so I took the risk of falling on my face.