Pitbull Concert!

HI! I know this is not technically photography related, but I still wanted to share a tiny bit about my time enjoying good music, and dancing at Pitbull's concert! 

Honestly, I was ready for a good night. And this night completely exceeded my expectations. Well I didn't really know what to expect, except that when we were buying our tickets months ago the security guard told us that Pitbull is his favorite because his concert is like a "big party". So I guess thats what I had in mind.  His concert was like a big party thats for sure, and we danced around in our seats all through the concert, but that wasn't all. I never in a million years expected him to speak so thoroughly about his life experiences and give inspiring advice. Every time his song ended he would speak out about breaking down barriers  in each culture to be able to come together as one. AND... whats a better way to bring people together than the universal language of music! He spoke about racism, politics, money, happiness, hard work, and more. He was truly inspiring, and I was blessed to be able to see him and experience something like that. I would also like to add something my friends and I noticed, was how professional he was! He started each song in the center of the stage, and always came back to it at the end of each song. When he stopped singing he would just pause and pose, standing perfectly straight, holding his microphone in one hand, and then clenched his hand into a fist with the other, holding it up to his stomach. It was the same with each and every song, and we just though it was so cute that he had this routine! To top it all off he stayed in a completely all black suit, shirt, and tie the whole time with the exception of a quick outfit change to a white suit jacket (which he took off later). Although it was burning hot, he stuck it out with his long sleeves.  

I definitely learned to appreciate the people around me and cherish every moment with the ones I love, because when it comes down to it thats all anyone has. No matter the amount of money the world gives or takes away from you. There will always be the ones that are close to your heart, that are there for you, and with you to enjoy this crazy life. And always make the best out of what you have even if you start with nothing. - Pitbull started with nothing and now...He's Mr. Worldwide, he's one of the best examples of making the best of any situation. - If you read about his life its interesting to see his journey and where he came from.

SOOOO for the part everyone (if anyone...) looks for in my posts is PHOTOS! "Pics or it didn't happen" is usually the saying. BUT. I am one of those people that likes to enjoy the moments and not have to watch it through my phone. If I throughly enjoy it I'll have real memories instead of blurry screaming videos annoying everyone on snapchat. (no shade if you do that btw. to each their own) Now I can remember my feelings that I had during the concert, the music, and the way that the crowd responded with the artistry. When you put away the phone, you can utilize your senses in a way people have really forgotten.  I won't leave everyone high and dry though, I looooooove Polaroid's so I brought it along, and we took selfies until the show started. Printed photos that are kept forever are a great way to cherish memories, in my opinion. 

The photos are kinda bright and kinda blurry, but thats what makes them perfect to me. Don't mind my fairy lashes, never wearing them again, and once we got to the restaurant I ripped them off. Best. Feeling. Ever.