Vincent and Katherine | Proposal

How he did it? Vincent surprised her while she thought she was taking her sister onto a modeling shoot in Birmingham.  They were walking by when she was led into the hallway to Cafe Via.  Katherine was greeted by her soon to be Fiancee, and he led her down the isle that was adorned by many red rose petals. As her eyes shed tears of happiness, we could all feel her surprise! 


Forever & Always

Our Story 

Vincent and Katherine saw each other for the first time years ago at a mutual friends party. They just exchanged conversation that day and didn't see each other again.  Katherine must have stayed on Vincent's mind because a couple years later he reached out to her and asked her on a date, the rest is history! They created many fun memories and grew together as one.  Naturally their love brought them to become best friends and now soulmates. 

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You can just see the magic between them and I surely felt it while shooting!