Surprise Glam

Let me start off by saying this was a crazy and fun day! Not everything went as smoothly as planned, but it all worked out perfectly and we reached our goal!

If you ever want to learn how to pull off a surprise birthday follow these steps!

1. Have an awesome family willing to set this all up

2. Know a great makeup artist

3. Have a photographer best friend that can do a fake photoshoot

4. Convince the Birthday Girl that you have an assignment that she HAS to model for, or else you'll fail. (an offer she cannot refuse) And make sure ahead of time that she doesn't have to work that day. 

5. Have your birthday elves set up fun birthday decorations while she's at the photoshoot!

If you follow all of these steps the result will be...

A beautiful girl will be convinced she's getting GLAMED UP, complete with makeup, hair, and outfits, all for a photoshoot! Not suspecting a thing! 

The fake photoshoot had to happen to make everything more convincing, and I wanted to share the photos with you guys! Please enjoy!